At first, it was music, drawing and sculpting. Then illustration courses and obviously, painting. VictArt started a deep interest for arts at a very young age. He always observed his mother while she drew, crafted and especially when she painted. He developed a passion for visual beauty and a highly creative world was taking form around him. 


After University, he became…

creative designer & photographer at Vallieres Communications (Quebec City),

graphic designer & photographer at Factorie l’agence (Montreal City),

visual creator & photography director at Jules communications & BDNG (Montreal City),

and professional photographer & retoucher for international fashion & celebrities (Paris & Montreal).


With time and events, he became the artist known as VictArt. Painter, visual artist, highly contrasted and linear in his way of presenting his art, he knows how to please us with simplicity and most of all, his sleek style. With an instinctive technique, he photographically observes with precision and studies the subject relentlessly by analysing the morphology and facial features. He determines points of references for the eyes, nose, forehead & chin. Then creates himself a personal image by painting shadows and lights. Finishing all edges and features of the subject with precision. 

He drifts away in his own creative world, in order to disconnect with reality and to finally connect with the subject.
Creating unique, prodigious and powerful pieces of art!

‘‘ The moment I stopped thinking, I started creating. I create myself a world of my own and connect with the subject .
My emotions, the melancholy of everyday and my feelings print images, visions in my head.
My eyes, my hands and my fingers express on the outside, my vision and my creations. ‘‘


‘‘ I sometimes have to leave suddenly, to isolate myself, to hide, to paint, to create. ‘‘


‘‘ I’m part of a world, a path that makes a link between my imaginary univers and your artistic reality.
My vision, my art, my creativity, my hope... is that futur generations and even civilisations will be able to feel and see. ‘‘


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